Before and After

The following are a few examples of cases that were treated in our office. In lieu of stock photos often seen in template websites, these are actual patients who presented with real-life challenges in our office.


Here’s a young lady who chipped her left front tooth while at school.



This patient presented with a leaking, older silver-mercury amalgam filling and significant wear on a lower molar. This filling was replaced in 15 minutes with a direct- bonded composite restoration.



A woman lost her footing while running, fell, and broke her right upper central (right front tooth) and lateral incisors, and left upper central incisor. This injury required two root canals and build-ups on all three teeth, and ultimately three crowns.

The “before” photo was taken mid-treatment (following the build-ups).

The “after” photo is the final result immediately after her crowns were placed on her teeth.



This woman overcame her fear of dentistry as she worked toward her goal of a dream smile. She had many broken-down teeth and an ill-fitting upper partial denture that was ultimately replaced.

Before… We primarily worked on her front and left side upper teeth, and a few lower crowns. Her treatment was not completed before she moved from the area.

And after… Even with her work incomplete, she was much happier with her new smile!